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The Scurry Driving Association is a company limited by guarantee registered in the United Kingdom

A  form of Scurry Driving began as far back as the 1950’s. It started in America with horses and  four wheel  wagons and using barrels to negotiate around at speed.   It later came to England and a variety of turnouts were used  but generally these were single ponies and the obstacles  were red Watney’s beer barrels.

The sport then progressed to using pairs of ponies and red cones. Drivers in general trotted through the cones although some cantered. The original vehicles had wooden wheels and solid tyres. Metal wheels came in about 15 years ago. As drivers became braver and vehicles were adapted the sport became faster and now competitors drive the course at speeds at which they can negotiate the course whether its trot, canter or gallop. The width of the vehicles between at least one set of wheels must be no less than 130cms and the cones are set at 170cms apart. At a gallop this needs much accuracy. The course is made up of between 10 and 14 obstacles including a box and slalom. The ponies are in 2 sections; under 12hh and over 12hh under 14.2hh.

The scurry driving sport was run by the British Horse Driving Trials Association (BHDTA) from as far back as the mid 1960s and in 2001 the Scurry Driving Association was formed, endorsed by the BHDTA.  Scurry driving was then recognised as a separate sport in its own right.

There are now about 25 major shows throughout the country and 2 main championships to qualify for;  The National Championship and the Grand League Points Championship.

Other groups have been formed and are based on the principles of the SDA.  Something the Association

 is proud, for “to be copied is a form of  admiration” as it is for the premier scurry driving organization.

About Us

The Council - Our aim is to promote and if possible, improve the ever evolving sport of Scurry Driving.

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