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Members Update

January 2018 News Letter

A Happy New Year to all of our members and supporters

2018 – a celebration of a success story

Yes it is 50 years since the first major scurry competition in the UK and this year we will be celebrating it at a range of events.  More later.  Meanwhile, if you have any ideas as to how we can maximise the celebrations, please get in touch.

Congratulations to all of those intrepid warriors who braved the elements to attend the SDA annual meeting and party and a massive thanks to all involved in organising the event especially to Sally Newell.

The party was brilliant, a really novel idea – a Christmas Street Party.  I particularly enjoyed losing £200 at the gaming tables as they had given me the money to start off with.  Not so good was the heavy snow and the journey home but we scurry aficionados are made of stern stuff.

Key changes:

 Pony registrations remain at £10 per pony;

 Membership increases to £25 per person as from 1st March – yes send in your renewals now and it is only £20 (please see later item about     paying online);

 We are no longer allowing quick release shackles on pole straps – too dangerous;

 The Grand League has been a great success but we do need to encourage more drivers to attend more events so from this year to earn a placing in the league you the driver must attend at least 8 shows.

 We are buying our own set of timing gear to make sure we have good equipment at all shows.

Other issues

A gentle reminder to all: ponies continue to grow sometimes even till they are eight.  Please do take the opportunity of the close season to measure your ponies to check they are in the right height class, and we use centimetres not inches so if your pony is 122 centimetres or more then it is in the large scurry class.  Also remember that height class is determined by the larger of the two ponies.  Congratulations to Rick and Marian who noticed last season that Archie had continued growing, remeasured him and changed classes.  Please all re check before the first show and confirm heights and the date you re-measured on your pony renewal forms.

We had a long discussion about grooms giving instructions to the driver.  Once this had been brought to my attention I monitored this at Henley and found that more than half of the grooms present broke the rule.  Yes even shouting “Go on” is against the current rules.  However this is all part of the excitement of the sport and so we are relaxing this rule.  We will keep it under review and if groom noise starts to distract from competition we will reinstated it.

New Treasurer

We would like to thank Philippa Scott for all she has done in her role as treasurer over a number of years.  The accounts have been kept in excellent condition, well done.  We are pleased to announce that Rick Bremner has agreed to take on the role for the coming 12 months and has been co-opted onto the Council.

Shows co-ordinator

We would also like to thank Karen Morris for her hard work as shows co-ordinator.  She has worked tirelessly to ensure we have a good range of shows across the country.  She has worked hard to hand over everything in good order to Hayley Isaac in this challenging role.


The full list of shows should be ready to be circulated very shortly.  As always we are cautious not to overstretch ourselves and have had to look very carefully at a number of new requests.  In particular we have still not made our minds up about a show we have been offered within the Low Emissions Zone so still not able to release the final list, but a draft is available on the website under the events section:  – do keep an eye out though for further changes.

Scurry into the 21st Century

We would like to encourage all of our members to make their payments for memberships and pony registrations on-line.  Our account details are as follows:

Account Number – 0437 0955

Sort Code – 30-95-28

Account Name – Scurry Driving Association

However, when you make a payment please indicate what it is for, and drop Sally ( an email so she knows that you have paid.  It will save embarrassing conversations before the Devon County Show.

Yes you can still pay by cheque and carrier pigeon if you must.

Also, as from this year the rule book will only be available as a download.  We will no longer spend money on printed copies.

Scurry Open Day

The next SDA open day annual training session will be on Sunday 25th March at Litchfield Equestrian in Arborfield,  

Please reserve places (cost £25 per participant which includes membership for 2018) by emailing Sally Newell.

Finally an enormous vote of thanks to Derek Archer who is standing down from the Council after many years of long service.  Derek your expertise will be sadly missed but I am delighted to say that Derek has agreed to carry on with the website and results as well as a couple of other aspects.

Philip Litchfield

Immediate Past Chairman, SDA