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The Scurry Driving Association is a company limited by guarantee registered in the United Kingdom

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Our sport is Double Harness Scurry Driving.

In recent years it had been known as either

Scurry Driving or Scurry Racing.

It is a spectator sport which the whole family can understand and enjoy.  It is also a sport at which both men and women compete on equal terms and there are not many of them. The rules are very simple although the execution is extremely skilful.  A pair of ponies pulling a carriage, are driven at the gallop around an arena usually at a County Show or Country Fair.  The turnout has to negotiate a course of 12 gates, which must include multiple obstacles and slalom.  The cones are only 40 centimetres wider than the front axle of the carriage and there is no  room for error. The twists and turns in the course, cause the carriage to be unstable and therefore a groom is carried  on the back seat and he or she swings from side to side to help to balance the vehicle and keep all 4 wheels on the ground.  A groom leaning the wrong way, could be catastrophic.  

sThe events are fast, furious and great fun.  We are all very competitive as the fastest turnout around the course, with fewest penalties wins the  event.   The  rules are very simple, do not hit a cone and go as fast as the course allows. Why not join us and enjoy the fun.